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Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world and it’s picking up steam in the U.S. At Soccer Miami, we offer children in Pinecrest a safe and fun introduction to the game.

Soccer Miami's team of qualified coaches love teaching and bring their enthusiasm and expertise to the pitch. With the latest youth-friendly soccer curriculum at hand, we offer coaching sessions designed to teach kids the fundamentals of the game in fun, dynamic ways.

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Kid-Friendly Soccer
Training in Pinecrest

The ethos at Soccer Miami is to train and develop our young players’ ability to control and move the ball. We aim to instill a firm understanding of soccer and the essential technical skills that allow participants to progress as far as they want in the sport.

Johann Cruyff—the legendary Dutch athlete and coach, and one of the Godfathers of modern soccer—believes that a true player should touch the ball at least 10 000 times a day. In other words, mastery and perfection come from interacting with the ball as often as possible. This philosophy shines through in all our training sessions.

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Helping kids develop solid fundamentals

Kids Soccer Training Pinecrest

A Typical Training Session
at Soccer Miami

The coaches at Soccer Miami have designed a structured training plan that includes all the necessary ingredients to player development, such as agility, mobility, and conditioning. We also place great emphasis on confidence, friendship, and fair play. All our programs are designed to allow players to comfortably transition from our classes to a local team, should they choose to take this next step.

We do this through:

  • Versatile passing techniques
  • Dribbling practice
  • Shooting practice from inside and outside the box
  • Dead ball drills
  • And much more

We also offer pitch rentals for players looking to develop their skills on their own time. Call us today for further details.

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Soccer Coaching for Kids South Miami
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At Soccer Miami, we have two core beliefs that shape every coaching session, regardless of the age group. The first is that we believe in providing a fun, pressure-free environment for your child to flourish in. We want to give your child a positive introduction to soccer, and sport in general, so that they’re more likely to keep at it.

Secondly, and particularly for our younger players, soccer can be a great educational tool. With the right kind of coaching, little ones can actually make great strides in early development skills, like learning their colors and numbers, as well as social skills like fair play and discipline.

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Helping your child flourish

Soccer Coaching for Kids South Miami

The Best Soccer
Coaches in Pinecrest

Soccer Miami strives to inspire and encourage children to enjoy soccer, since we believe that, even if they don’t go on to be professional players, fitness and athletics can lead them to grow up to become more well-rounded individuals. And we make sure all our coaches share this vision.

To be the best they can be, our team stays up to date with the latest in coaching developments and soccer tactics. We also give them a chance to put forth their own ideas so that our curriculum is always fun and engaging.

Whether or not your child turns out to be the next Christian Pulisic or Mia Hamm, we ensure that every child in our classes enjoys a fantastic experience. Call today for details.

Coaching that’s always on target

Soccer Coaching for Kids South Miami

Ready to get your kicks on?

Explore your love of the game with Soccer Miami’s excellent coaching staff and cutting-edge facilities. Call today for details.

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